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the short vacay-
Saturday, 13 June 2015 • 21:38 • 0 comments

assalamualaikum. apa khabar semua? tehehe. no one gonna read. i'm just asking myself.
well this entry just about my family's short vacation ( within melaka to negeri sembilan or to be exact to port dickson). journey started on friday (5th june). so we went and sleep at melaka that night before moving out to port dickson on the next day. I FELL ASLEEP ALL THE WAY THERE!! and i woke up to this; 'ehh?? dah sampai??'. sleepyhead i am. fyi, my family have this tradition of 'no booking just go attack any hotel/resort' so we searched the available hotel's room and luckily we found it!! honestly,we not really picky with the hotel like some people must get big room,very nice view and 5 starts? we'll be like it is fine as long as we can be able to sleep and rest there. so yeah. we've stayed at pd's waterfront boutique hotel and since the room fits us all (8 peoples including me) and it's not too expensive, we all stayed together on one room. :3

there my ugly handwriting while feel hungry + sleepy. i wrote that bcs wanted to post it on ig at first but it is too ugly. ahahaha. that thing i wrote when we about to check out and yeah. i left it there by accident. stewpid me. to be really short, the hotel is just nice and tbvvvh it was so easy to find FOOD and there is bank and mini super market as well. i'm love to eat western and fast food tbh. i'm walking around that night with my youngest sister but then our beloved mom and dad joins us and we had pizza that night. not much thing i did besides that i think. i'm a lazy freak. so let's change to the  next day (sunday). our last day of short vacay. we walked around and here it is some of the pictures. if you see the 'imperfection side' pls ignore it because for me it's perfect because it's family.

the second picture i use camera effect/filter bcs i'm too dark to be bright. ahahaha. after this session/? we started to move to melaka. the original plan is going back straightly to johor but it's changed since sister wanted to visit pantai klebang. hew- i visited the 'old place' that i used to chilled my mind and body by taking fresh air with one of dearest roommate/housemate named mysa. we've been here to release our tension back then when we being a practical teacher of smk bukit rambai. i was a 'ewww' teacher i swear. poor my students. cuts! it's such of memories. we haven't take that many moment since it's was late and we are all kinda exhausted. 

well we enjoyed the moment and hoping to have another time to chill and relax together. till we meet on the next entry. take care and annyeong. o/

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