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the time to go;
Thursday, 10 December 2015 • 12:43 • 0 comments

assalamualaikum. it's finally december. the last month of a year. well so many things happen good and bad. recently we heard so many bad news about death. as johor citizen, i got a shocking news about johor's humble prince that passed away on december 5. not too long before (around a month +) i lose my uncle (from dad side). i honestly not very close to dad's side due to my anti-social habit i guess. i feel awkward to be crazy even yes i am crazy. well make it short everyone ever faced those moment of 'losing someone we care/love'. it's truly heartbreaking. even me myself will be gone. it's just the time,date,place and caused of dead are obviously still our lord's secret. 

as we still alive. i tried to be as best as i can towards others. i still lacking a lot at most probably on many parts. i recently cannot handle my anger and being too easy to get gloomy. i'm sincerely sorry for everything if i ever hurting anyone. i'm still working right now. honestly i can't think of anything more to write other than these.

before i stop writing this entry, let's us sending al-fatihah and prayers to the tunku laksamana johor and all people we love that already gone to better place. may all of them rest in peace and may allah forgive us all. insyaallah.

happy holiday to most human. tehehe. till we meet again on the next entry. i can't find a way to put music on my blog. i'll try again later. take care everyone. lily loves you. god bless everyone!♥

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